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Three investments to consider before your visit

Posted By on Jul 2, 2015

 When traveling abroad, it makes sense to worry a bit through the packing process. Will I have everything I need once I’m there? What if I forget X? Can I buy Z in said foreign country? The list can seem endless sometimes.
While the small items, like toiletries, can be easily forgotten and replaced by local alternatives, there are a few crucial items to bring when traveling. These pricier items may seem like a large cost on top of airfare and accommodation expenses, but they are actually investments well worth your time and money. Be sure to thoroughly consider buying the following items BEFORE your visit to Japan.
1. High quality camera.

Whether for personal or professional use, taking photos in Japan is an opportunity not to be missed. With grand scenic views and quirky items to capture, the photo opportunities are endless.

Some visitors think buying a camera in Japan may be a better idea than bringing it from overseas. Yes, Tokyo may be known as the technology capital of the world, but will you understand a camera whose primary functions are in Japanese? Will the warranty be covered at home? These are questions to keep in mind when considering purchasing in Japan versus buying at home.

2. Sturdy suitcase.
While some airlines are reliable for handling luggage carefully, there is no sure way to protect your luggage and its contents from damage. This is why buying a sturdy suitcase before traveling to Japan is a great idea. Think of all those valuables you’ll want to buy like fans, cultural goods, multi flavor Kit-Kats!
3 Japan Rail Pass.
For those exploring the country on their own schedule, purchasing a Japan Rail Pass in advance is an excellent investment. Considering the convenience and money saved, there is no excuse for not buying the pass if you plan to take trains around the country. These passes are only for visitors, must be shown with proper identification, and are subject to some rules. They can be purchased for various time frames.
We hope these suggestions come in handy when preparing for your travels!

[posted by Nadia]

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