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Three Reasons to Visit Tokushima and Awaji

Posted By on Sep 22, 2015


IMG_1017Never been west of Kyoto and Osaka? It’s time to try something new. Many visitors to Japan rarely travel west due to time constraints, yet there are many sights beyond Osaka waiting to be explored. From the whirlpools of Awaji to the folkdances of Tokushima, there are numerous activities and sights to enjoy on the way west.
1. Famous dance festival

The Awa Odori Dance Festival of Tokushima is well known throughout Japan for its traditional folk dances which welcome the souls of ancestors to the Bon season. Dating back to 1587, the festivities have continued to present day, when visitors from all parts of Japan flock to Tokushima for this event in mid-August.

IMG_10192. Athletic fields
With plenty of space and seaside air, Awaji is home to athletic fields, including Sano Sports Ground. Great for soccer tournaments or general athletics, these areas are frequented by locals and travelers alike. The Sano Sports Ground was used as a base camp for England during the World Cup of 2002. There after, it was used by Assistant Language Teachers (of English) for soccer tournaments twice a year until going on hiatus in 2012.IMG_1020
3. Indoor/outdoor spas
With beautiful seaside views and relaxing waters, the public bathing houses of Awaji-shima are well worth a visit. Why bathe in a claustrophobic hotel bathtub when you can relax in spacious hot baths with peaceful views? For a scenic view of the hills and Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, try Matsubo-no-yu’s outdoor onsens.

Scheduling your next journey to Japan, be sure to pencil in time for Tokushima and Awaji.


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