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Try This, Not That: Tokyo

Posted By on Aug 22, 2015


Tokyo is a sprawling city known for around the world for entertainment, fashion, and technology. With  many distinct wards and neighborhoods, it’s impossible to do, see, eat and try everything. Budgeting is key when visiting this vivid metropolis and just as important a concept for time as it is for money. This guide is dedicated to travelers who may have limits on time or money. Why waste hours on a tourist attraction that doesn’t represent the country you came to see? Why blow a sizable chunk of your budget on a forgettable meal? Why not avoid these mistakes while making the most of your travels?

Tokyo Tower at Night

Tokyo Tower at Night

Try this, not that: Panoramic views

While Tokyo Tower (and now Sky Tree) is a favorite for seeing the great city spanning out in all directions, there are cheaper and less crowded alternatives to consider.


Tokyo Skytree

For saving money, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings in Shinjuku are the best choice (they’re free). City View in Roppongi is the best option for morning to nighttime views for an affordable (less than $20) admission price.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Try this, not that: Sushi

Sukiyabashi Jiro is undoubtedly one of the most famous, if not THE most famous, sushi shops in the world. It is also prohibitively expensive for most travelers (not to mention the nearly impossible reservation list). Instead, try one of the Genki sushi restaurants in Shibuya (choose between Genki or Uobei) for 100-300 yen dishes. For higher quality, try Midori Mawashi Sushi Katsu in Shibuya’s Seibu department store.

Kaiten Sushi

Kaiten Sushi

Try this, not that: Fine dining

With more Michelin star-rated restaurants than most cities in the world, Tokyo entices visitors to try its superb culinary offerings. While the temptation is certainly high, the affordability of dining at one of these establishments often deters travelers from trying. However, it can be done! Try dining at one of these excellent establishments during the day to indulge in reasonable lunch sets. Mouthwatering, high quality meals can be consumed for a fraction of the dinner-time price.

Michelan 3 star Kikunoi

Michelan 3 star Kikunoi


Try this, not that: Karaoke

With so many shops to choose from, selecting a karaoke place can be difficult. From membership discounts to party promotions, there are several worthwhile deals to consider. Big names such as Big Echo Karaoke Entertainment and Karaoke-kan tend to fill up on weekends and late nights. To avoid crowds and snag great deals, try karaoke during the daytime.

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