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What not to pack when visiting Japan: Summer edition

Posted By on Jul 22, 2015



The time has come to pack your bags and embark on a wonderful journey to japan. Your flights and accommodations are booked, itineraries neatly planned, and last minute errands taken care of. Now comes the task of figuring out what to lug with you across the great distance.

With endless department stores, pharmacies, and specialty shops, there are numerous options there for picking up items that one doesn’t need to carry from abroad. The following tips are to assist visitors in their last minute preparations before arriving in Japan.

1. Do bring medications and deodorant; don’t bring hair products, body wash, and otherwise bulky personal care products that an be purchased in the country. Unless a particular product is necessary for everyday life, avoid loading your suitcase with heavy bottle; instead, purchase them in Japan. Many familiar brands are available, and staff members are always happy to recommend local products to match your needs. Do be careful when selecting lotions in Japan, as many are mixed with whitening chemicals.


2. Don’t bring stationary, office supplies, organizational items, or anything that can be purchased in a 100 yen store. The 100 yen shops in Japan are not the equivalent of dollar stores in the United States. With a huge variety of high quality items, it is unlikely for shoppers to leave empty-handed.

3. Don’t pack sweatpants, athletic wear (unless you plan on hiking or exercising), or tattered clothing; do bring comfortable walking shoes. Japanese people tend to dress very well when they leave the house. Even though visitors are held to different standards, it is always good to set a good impression, especially in Tokyo and other main cities.IMG_6068

4. Don’t bring snacks; do research ingredients. With endless choices in the snack department, Japan has every taste covered. From wasabi-flavored chips to decadent chocolate cake, there is nothing one can’t find. Nutrition and diet bars are also available to those who prefer not to snack on junk food. However, make sure to research in advance, as it’s often difficult for vegetarians and vegans to find food within their allowed items.

We hope these tips assist you in your packing. Have a safe journey!


[posted by Nadia]


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