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Winter Fun at Ski Jam

Posted By on Mar 6, 2014


IMG_0066Deep in the mountains of Fukui prefecture, along the Sea of Japan, lies the town of Katsuyama. Aside from its Sagicho bonfire festival in February, Katsuyama is famous for two things: the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum (one of the World’s Three Great Dinosaur Museums) and Ski Jam resort.


About an hour-long drive from Fukui City, which is accessible by train from Maibara, Ski Jam is nestled in the beautiful, snowy mountains. Fukui prefecture, known for its abundance of high-quality seafood, vegetation, and water, is also recognized for its snowy winters. Ski Jam is the perfect place to appreciate this aspect of Fukui. With soft, fluffy snow, it provides the perfect conditions for skiing, snowboarding, and sledding during the long winter months.


Ski Jam stretches along two mountains and also has a hotel at the base. Three lodges are available on the mountains for rest and dining. Despite the large crowds that sunny days draw to the resort, winter sports are still on the various courses offered. From bumpy sites to steep inclines to softer bunny hills, the range of terrain available is suitable for any level of expertise.


After a long day of winter sports, it’s comforting to relax at a hot spring located nearby. Many visitors like to soak in the warm waters and indulge in food and drink afterwards. Whether or not you enjoy winter sports, why not head to a ski resort to soak in the atmosphere and excitement? After all, it’s not necessary to spend the day out in the cold to enjoy all the other perks of ski resorts.

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