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Winter Wonderland at Tokyo Disneyland Resort

Posted By on Dec 27, 2013



IMG_5857A compact version of the California original, Tokyo Disneyland is a fun escape from the sprawling city that is a train ride away. Considering the popularity of all things Disney in Japan, it’s no wonder that Tokyo Disneyland is crowded every day of the week. Despite the overwhelming amount of visitors at any given time, the theme park’s environment is orderly and friendly. Visitors arrive as families, couples, and individuals excited to spend an entire day enjoying the park’s many attractions, shows, shopping, and foods.


Tokyo Disneyland is a great example of Japanese patience and endurance. It is a place where even toddlers are well-behaved and willing to wait. All attractions fill up quickly with crowds willing to wait in line for over two hours (or four for the new Toy Story attraction) for a three minute thrill. Fast Passes for popular rides are maxed out for all time slots not long after the park’s 8AM opening. They do say that the early bird gets the worm.


Every season is a treat at Tokyo Disneyland. From Summer Festival to Christmas, the park’s theme changes frequently, bringing with it new décor, food items, and events. Visitors can try holiday meals from November to December, including a Christmas lunch/dinner set at the Blue Bayon restaurant overlooking the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.


Shops are well-stocked with all sorts of seasonal merchandise from garments to key-chains to dishware to stuffed toys. The lines there, too, are lengthy and orderly. Perhaps unique to Tokyo Disneyland is the enthusiasm of visitors of all ages. While its American locations create a fantasy world for children to play, dress up, and dream, the Tokyo location encourages visitors of all ages to engage their inner-child.


From teenage girls in matching Disney attire to grown men carrying their girlfriend’s giant teddy bear, park-goers unabashedly join the excitement. Couples can be seen in coordinated garments. Backpacks of young adults are adorned with collections of plush key-chains. The spirit of Tokyo Disneyland’s visitors is undeniably youthful and contagious. It is, after all, the happiest place on Earth.





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