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Would you like to become a dancing queen? AWAODORI is a traditional dance festival in Tokushima 「徳島 阿波踊り」

Posted By on Sep 28, 2011


Would you like to become a dancing queen?? OR , would you like to ENJOY dance festival whether you dance or not.Summer is a time for festival in Japan. and Awaodori, is a traditional dance festival held in Tokushima, Shikoku Pre. on Aug 12 to 15.

Not only great dancers but anyone (including YOU!!) can participate in a “NIwaka-ren” dancing team as a dancer! Here’s kindergarten team dancing.. their steps are already independent dancers’ steps! They are so “Kawaii~! ” or cute in Japanese.

I also saw blind dancers group, local company groups, etc, etc and I joined myself to visitors’ temporary dance team “Niwaka ren” and enjoyed dancing! Winners’ dance is an art itself. Dont’ you think?? Look at this photo. this excitement will stay in your heart and body together with its beat!


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