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YOSHIKAWA 「京料理旅館 吉川」 Quintessence of tradition and cuisine

Posted By on Sep 26, 2011


Heartfelt welcome of Kyoto at lattice door in quiet street. Rooms are in shape of traditional Sukiya Style. Enjoy hinoki wooden bath to relax yourself in beautiful Japanese Garden

Japanese Room
(51sqm: Main Room 8 Tatami mats + Adjoining Room 7.5 Tatami mats room)

Kyoto Style “Kaiseki Dinner” at Yoshikawa Inn
Their qualified cook will provide you the distinguished set menu of select food served on an indivisual tray, so called “Kaiseki” which is presented by traditional skills of cook. Please enjoy the sophisticated flavor of Kyoto cuisine.

Also informal Tempura Counter is available where our cook is frying Tempura in front of you. For the guest of more than two nights accommodation, “Shabu-Shabu Dinner” is also available for you variation of choice. For your breakfast, they will prepare Japanese Style or Western Style so that you can select.

Tominokouji, Oike-saga-ru,
Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto

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