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In Kamikochi, Nagano if you walk from Kappabashi bridge to Myojinike pond. you can stop at Kamonjigoya to eat the famous iwana (river trout) grilled over an irori. Iwana is well grilled for 40 minutes. You can eat a whole fish. It tastes great and go with beer! Grilled iwana with salt cost 900 yen. Kamonjigoya was built in 1880 by Kamonji Kamijyo. He was a good hunter and knowledgeable mountain guide. He guided Walter Weston, a...

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  Situated in Tobira Onsen Hot Spring, an inn nestled in the heart of the mountains of Shinshu, Matsumoto. Full of serenity of confers harmonized with sound of wind, curl up inside and enjoy tranquility of a peaceful winter’s day to rejuvenate yourself. Yamashina Type (41.25sqm: Traditional Japanese Style 12.5 Tatami mats room) If you open your window slightly, the song of wild birds will drift into your room. This room is ideal for...

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