Enjoy Walking around Nakamise Dori in Enoshima Area, Kanagawa Prefecture!

If you plan going to Japan in this summer, I highly recommend you to visit Enoshima area.
You can take a short ride on  a local train  from Kamakura to get there.

In Enoshima, you can enjoy many attractions,
such as beaches, shrines, parks, caves, observation tower and so on.

 Today I walked around the Enoshima area with my friend.
At first, we took the train named Enoden from Kamakura station. It took only about 20 mins.


After getting off the train, don’t miss small statues of birds in front of the station.
(Check the below pictures.)



Then just 2 minutes from the station, we found a street stall which sells “Kushi(yaki)mochi”.
“Kushiyaki” means “spit-roasted”, and “Mochi” means “rice cakes”.

So literally “Kushimochi” means “spit-roasted rice cakes”. Does it sound delicious?


There are three kinds of Kushimochi:
miso (soy bean paste), goma (sesami sauce), and kinako (soy bean flour).

I tried the kinako one, and I was totally impressed with the good taste!!



In Enoshima area, there is a famous shrine named the Enoshima shrine,
which is one of the three Benten shrines in Japan.

In front of the shrine, there is a street named “Nakamise Dori”.
You can find variety of souvenir shops or restaurants there.


One of amazing souvenirs for me was the umbrella, which amusingly created to enjoy the rainy day!
The umbrella has no patterns or designs on it and simply in solid color.
But surprisingly hidden patterns and designs are appeared on it when being wet by water.

Does it super amazing?



My friend recommended me the restaurant named Tobiccho, which serves Shirasu-don there.
Shirasu-don is one of the famous food in Enoshima, and it is rice topped with  the baby sardines.

Unfortunately we did not have enough time to try it this time.
But I heard the restaurant is introduced by many books as one of the best restaurants in Enoshima.
And also I saw tons of people lining up in front of the restaurant  to  eat the Shirasu-don.


 I couldn’t check all shops because there were too many for a short time stay.
You can spend all day here to explore  in Nakamise-dori in Enoshima area.



The Enoshima area is totally peaceful and calm place,
so you might see a relaxing cat like this picture below.


 Posted by Yuina

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