Escorted Spring Kyushu, Suo-Oshima and Yamaguchi Tour

Day 1
Fly to Narita, then to Fukuoka with ANA. flight was very comfortable although it was full flight, food and service was good.

Day 2
We arrive Fukuoka, most of us run to closest convenience store for quick bite and drinks. It was little cold for us from Hawaii, being so used to warm wheather…

Day 3
Visited Dazaifu Tenmangu in Fukuoka – Shingama Kiln in Arita – Inasayama Mauntain in Nagasaki for night view.
We had little rain and unfortunately view from Inasayama was invisable due to clouds. Although hotel was nice and conviniently located right next to Nagasaki station so we all had some free time after check in at hotel for dinner and some shopping time.

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Day 4

Nagasaki sightseeing Glover Garden, Peace Memorial, Fugendake mountain and ferry ride t Kumamoto.  Enjoyed stop at “Michi no Eki = Road station” for rest and we saw fresh local produce and speciality. It look so good and very reasonable – it is only 350yen for bag full of carrots!!! Foot bath near the ferry port was relaxing and soothing.

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Day 5

Kumamoto city tour to Beppu Onsen resort via Mt. Aso.  Beautiful Suizenji Garden which is known for one of the most beautiful three gardens in Japan. Strawberry picking in country side.  City is lots of fun but also country side is full of beauty and communication with local people was also essense of good trip!

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Day 6

Monkey Mountain – Takasaki Yama. We had good laugh of “year of monkey” trio posed as “see no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil”. Hotel is right by the water – we had nice cource dinner in banquet room.

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Day 7

Famous “fugu” was in sight at Karato Fish Market – this place known for that.  Lunch was in Suo- Oshima which is small island also familier name to local Hawaii people since lots of people immigrated from that area to Hawaii. This museum was some of participant’s dream to visit. Located in very suberb country side remote area.

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Day 8

Nice sunny day to visit Miyaji Island.  Floating like shrine over the water, we run into wedding ceremony. Lunch was okonomiyaki for some of us, some enjoyed baked oyster and some other island speciality.

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Day 9

Lst day and we also visited Peace Memorial. Sad to say good bye to Japan.

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Posted by Linda Okabe

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