Escorted Tour from Honolulu Hokkaido North & Lavender – Wakkanai, Rishiri & Rebun

Day 1  July 09 (Tue)  Honolulu ~ Chitose Airport


We saw many tour groups formed by local Travel Agents taking the same flight to Chitose with us. July is the best time to see Lavender flowers in full bloom so everyone must be going to see Lavender!


Day 2  July 10 (WedChitose Airport ~ Chitose


After arriving in Chitose, we took a shuttle bus to ANA Crown Plaza Chitose.  Since it’s located next to AEON Mall, the majority of us went there to eat dinner.


Day 3  July 11 (TueChitose ~ Asahikawa ~ Furano


Hokkaido here we come!  On the way to Asahikawa, our first stop was at Sunakawa Highway Oasis where ever popular Pumpkin seed cookies were sold.  Many of us enjoyed eating Kitakaro’s soft served ice cream and cream puffs made out of rich Hokkaido milk. Yummy!  Lunch was at Asahikawa Ramen Village and it was so delicious to try Asahikawa style Ramen.

DSC04011 DSC04006DSC04017 DSC04012












It was pleasant to walk around Blue Pond and Shikisai no Oka flower field. Both are very popular sights representing Furano.

DSC04018 DSC04024








Shin Furano Prince Hotel offers fun places to visit on its own property, including the Ningle Terrace, Mori-no-Tokei café, Soh’s Bar, and a Hot Spring. We all enjoyed our free time at the hotel including a gorgeous buffet dinner.  So much fun!

DSC04070 DSC04089 DSC04076DSC04080 DSC04084 DSC04083 DSC04082
























Day 4  July 12 (Fri) Furano

Our full day in Furano was filled with fun and adventure. The first stop was Farm Tomita, well known for their beautiful Lavender field.  The hill was all covered by purple flowers and very gorgeous.  Many products made with  their lavender were perfect to bring back home for souvenirs.





Lunch was Hokkaido’s famous Genghis Kahn BBQ. The Suffolk Genghis Kahn (lamb) meat that we ate is known for its premium quality.  The meat is so tender and has no greasy aftertaste so that folks who don’t usually eat lamb even enjoyed them.  All tables cleaned up everything and there were no left overs!


DSC04133 DSC04130 DSC04129 DSC04138 DSC04135

















Then we canoed in Lake Kanayama.  It was cloudy and a bit windy but we all did well rowing.  It was a great outdoor experience except one canoe flipped over.  OMG, I was so glad that no one was hurt.


DSC04150 DSC04157 DSC04145 DSC04143












Dinner was a Japanese Kaiseki course at Karamatsu restaurant in the hotel.  The beautiful seasonal presentation was appealing  to the eyes. Everyone enjoyed this wonderful Japanese delicacy.

DSC04176 DSC04171 DSC04169













Day 5  July 13 (Sat) Furano ~ Wakkanaie


The weather was cloudy with some rain in the morning.  But luckily the cherry Farm had trees in the green house so we enjoyed cherry picking despite of the weather.  There were more than 30 species in the house and the different trees offer different flavors.  Satonishiki was one of the most popular one.

DSC04190 DSC04184DSC04200 DSC04195












Sushi lunch at Maruki Sushi was very enjoyable.  Fresh ingredient and a skillful Sushi chef, who has a career of 50 years, were the secret of the great Sushi.

DSC04212 DSC04216DSC04209 DSC04219












The rain stopped when we arrived at Sarobetsu Marshland so we walked the wooden  path in the marsh for a while.  You find many flowers in the season originated in this environment.  Cape Soya was so far it made us truly feel that we came to the “most Northern spot in Japan”.

DSC04224 DSC04233 DSC04236 DSC04239













The hotel in Wakkanai was the Surfeel Hotel, former ANA Crown Plaza.  The western style buffet was a nice change of pace.

DSC04268DSC04257 DSC04259 DSC04261













Day 6  July 14 (Sun) Wakkanai ~ Rishiri Island


The highlight of this trip began. Rishiri and Rebun islands off Hokkaido are visited in summer season only and are well known for their beautiful nature. We briefly visited Fukko Market and Breakwater Dome before the ferry took off and we enjoyed a smooth ride in the comfortable 1st class cabin.  On our arrival at Oshidomari Port on Rishiri, we had  lunch consisting of the famous Uni Meshi, flavored rice with Uni topped with fresh Ikura. It is very popular and on the list of “must eat on Rishiri”.  Yes, it was very tasty!

DSC04266 DSC04272 DSC04280DSC04287DSC04289 DSC04299 DSC04294 DSC04291























Mt. Rishiri, commonly called by Rishiri Fuji, was shy and covered by clouds at Himenuma pond.  We all walked around the pond and enjoyed its serene nature.  At Otatomari Pond, we were more fascinated by shopping.  Rishiri’s No.1 souvenir, Rishirikko (Furikake), was popular among us together with premium kelp.  When we were tired of shopping, some of us enjoyed soft served ice cream with Huscup (berry) sauce on.  The sightseeing continued on to Senpoushimisaki Park.  Our hotel was Island INN Rishiri which opens for the summer months only.  The buffet dinner offers fresh seafoods, table top stone grill, Yubari Melon, etc. Oh we kept eating!  Hot spring bath was also very soothing too.

DSC04314 DSC04320 DSC04316DSC04328 DSC04332 DSC04336DSC04345 DSC04344 DSC04342 DSC04338DSC04356 DSC04355












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Day 7  July 15 (Mon) Rishiri Island ~ Rebun Island ~ Rishiri Island


We took a short ferry ride to Rebun Island. The first activity was Sea Urchin shell cracking and tasting. The fresh out of the water Sea Urchin is sweet and had no fishy aftertaste which made many of us joyfully surprised.  Atoi Restaurant is a small shack located at the tip of the shore line, however, being run by the local fisherman’s union guarantees freshness of their seafood and it is very popular lunch spot.  The seafood donburi was so ONO!

DSC04376 DSC04403 DSC04401 DSC04400 DSC04391 DSC04389 DSC04387 DSC04378




















In the afternoon, we visited windy Cape Sukoton in the north side of the island and also Cape Sukai which gives a view of a picture perfect beautiful cove down below.  The 60 steps to the cape was worth walking!  We left Rebun Island by ferry and went back to Island INN Rishiri to stay one more night.

DSC04414 DSC04421 DSC04417 DSC04416 DSC04432 DSC04427DSC04448 DSC04446 DSC04463 DSC04461 DSC04456 DSC04453 DSC04464DSC04468








































Day 8   July 16 (Tue) Rishiri Island ~ Chitose Airport ~ Otaru


The last day on Rishiri, we visited Kamui Kaigan Park to enjoy two activities.  For the first activity we made Kelp souvenir and for the second we caught Sea Urchin from a boat and crack them to eat.  We were all successfully caught Sea Urchin!

DSC04480 DSC04495 DSC04491 DSC04484 DSC04483DSC04500 DSC04530 DSC04520 DSC04516 DSC04514 DSC04506 DSC04505
























After that we came back to Kutsukata town and had a lunch on own.  Some went to Ramen Miraku to enjoy Rishiri style Ramen, some went to Kamome Restaurant by the sea to enjoy their lunch set.

Checking in was a little chaotic but we managed to hop on to the ANA flight to Chitose which only runs once a day in summer months only.

We stayed at the spacious Grand Park Otaru and relaxed after our wonderful island stay.



Day 9  July 17 (Wed) Otaru ~ Yoichi ~ Otaru ~ Sapporo


After making a music box, we enjoyed exploring Otaru for a half day. So many attractive shops such as music box, glass wear, sweets and many more.  In the afternoon, we enjoyed Nikka Whiskey Distillery in Yoichi.  The story of its founder, Masataka and Rita, knows also as Massan and Ellie from the NHK drama, is very moving and make us appreciate this distillery.


DSC04547 DSC04581 DSC04578 DSC04574 DSC04569 DSC04566 DSC04548DSC04583

























DSC04591 DSC04602 DSC04596 DSC04594DSC04613 DSC04585



















The farewell dinner was at Hachikyo in Sapporo.  The Izakaya style casual dinner with plenty seafood is quite popular in the city.  On top of that, it is very popular that the staff chants like a fisherman when they pour Ikura on the rice cup. We celebrate birthdays of three people at the end with delicious Japanese cakes. What a fun night!

DSC04624 DSC04625DSC04655 DSC04641 DSC04632 DSC04659 DSC04658 DSC04657DSC04635 DSC04652 DSC04618 DSC04615


























Day 10  July 18 (Thu)  Sapporo


Free day in Sapporo.  Some of us walked underground path way to Sapporo Station and shopped.



Day 11  July 17 (Wed)  Sapporo ~ Chitose Airport ~ Honolulu


After a half day of free time spent in Sapporo, we left Mercure Hotel at 3pm to Chitose Airport. The smooth check-in at Hawaiian Airline allowed us to shop and eat at the airport before going through TSA.  Since Chitose Airport is filled with popular Hokkaido foods and products, all of us surely enjoyed this last minute shopping and eating opportunity. This trip was truly a once-in- a-life-time trip to visit Rishiri and Rebun islands. We enjoyed their beautiful nature and fresh seafood!




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