Escorted Tour from Honolulu Hokkaido Snow Festival Tour

Day 1/2  Honolulu ~ Chitose

The Shin Chitose International Airport, covered lightly with snow, welcomed us to beautiful Hokkaido after a long 10 hour flight. We checked in at the convenient Airport Terminal Hotel. There were so many choices of local gourmet foods in the terminal restaurants so most of us were able to enjoy the food upon arrival.


Day 3  Chitose ~ Asahikawa ~ Sounkyo

We met our English speaking tour guide, Kimi, and driver, Yasu, and left the airport to the Aeon mall to buy snow cleats. Wearing snow cleats makes it so much easier and safer to walk on the icy ground, so it is strongly recommended to purchase one. (They are less than $10!) After that we headed out to Asahikawa City, stopping at Sunakawa Highway Oasis. This service area offers many varieties of Hokkaido goodies such as the ever-so-popular “pumpkin seed cookies”, soft-serve ice cream and cream puffs at Kitakaro.

DSC01672 DSC01685 DSC01678 DSC01676

We then had lunch at the Asahikawa Ramen Village. All of the shops looked so good, it was hard to pick just one! Hot Ramen broth tasted the best in cold weather.

DSC01692 DSC01690 DSC01691DSC01694

After lunch we visited the Otokoyama Sake Brewery and enjoyed the walking tour and Sake tasting. Many of us purchased the award winning Otokoyama Daiginjyo or the brewery limited Daiginjo. Ater the brewery, we drove into the Daisetsuzan National Park to visit the Sounkyo Gorge.

DSC01695 DSC01707 DSC01713 DSC01709

At night we went to the Sounkyo Ice Waterfall Festival. It was super cold, 5℉!  The fireworks didn’t fully pop up since there was such a strong breeze and snowfall, but we managed to stay at the festival site till the end of the event during which they throw Mochi from the stage. Yes, of course we caught some too!

DSC01738 DSC01733 DSC01730 DSC01725 DSC01723 DSC01722

It was heavenly feeling going to the Onsen (hot spring) when we came back to the hotel! They had a Rotenburo (an open air outdoor Onsen) surrounded by snow and it was extra nice after the long day!


Day 4  Sounkyo ~ Abashiri

We took some pictures at the Ginga Ryusei Waterfalls. There are two waterfalls: one is elegant and beautiful representing the wife, the other is more masculine representing the husband. The masculine waterfall was not frozen so we enjoyed its gorgeous view despite of the coldness!

DSC01739 DSC01741

After a Sushi lunch, the next stop was the Ice Breaker Cruise out on the Sea of Okhotsk. It was an enjoyable one hour cruise on the Ice Breaking ship, the Aurora II. The ship cruised for an extra 15 min. to catch up with the drifted ice. It was an amazing view to see ship proceed over the ocean covered by ice.

DSC01762 DSC01750 DSC01751 DSC01764DSC01774 DSC01805 DSC01811 DSC01785 DSC01787 DSC01778

Our dinner at the hotel was a Japanese set menu served in the Kaiseki Style. Beautiful presentation! We all wore Yukata and enjoyed the Japanese style dinner.

DSC01835 DSC01833 DSC01829DSC01843DSC01816DSC01818DSC01814DSC01827

Day 5  Abashiri ~ Kushiro ~ Akan

The first stop today was Lake Kussharo where swans migrate during the winter. The beach along the lake called Sunayu is warm throughout the year because of its geothermal heat so swans come to rest there.

DSC01847 DSC01853 DSC01864

Then, we enjoyed the active volcano, Mt. Iou. The sulfur gas was constantly coming out of several vents. It was a short walk over so some of us walked to the vents.

DSC01868 DSC01876 DSC01874 DSC01870

Our lunch was a Japanese set menu featuring grilled Hokke, Atka Mackerel. It was huge! The lunch restaurant was located in Kawayu Onsen and is known for its sulfur hot springs, so we could smell sulfur gas even inside of the building.

We spent some time in the afternoon at the Tsurui Village to see the Japanese Red-crowned Crane, once declared extinct until it was rediscovered in the Kushiro Marsh in 1924. Now there are over 1500 birds, but they only reside in this region of Hokkaido. At Tsurumidai the cranes are fed every day in winter so we could watch this beautiful species closely here.

DSC01883 DSC01879 DSC01885

Our hotel was Tsuruga Wing in front of Lake Akan where indigenous Ainu  Village is  located by.  There was a small fire work display and ceremony conducted by Ainu chief on the lake at night.

DSC01908 DSC01939 DSC01933 DSC01932 DSC01921 DSC01912


Day 6  Akan ~ Obihiro ~ Tokachigawa

We enjoyed a steak lunch at the restaurant on top of the Ikeda Wine Castle, overlooking the snow covered town. After lunch, we visited the Lake Shikaribetsu Kotan.  The igloo village has an ice bar, hot spring, hotel, and even a chapel. Some of us tried snowmobiling, drinking juice from frozen cups, and taking pictures with the ice polar bear. We all had so much fun experiencing the ice world.

DSC01957 DSC01974 DSC01971 DSC01961DSC01982 DSC02008 DSC02005 DSC01999 DSC01997 DSC01994 DSC01990 DSC01987

We had another fabulous Japanese Kaiseki style dinner.  After dinner, we visited the Sairinka Festival. Its main attraction is a display of lots of hand covered cones made out of special agricultural material.  These change color with laser lights collaborated with popular music. It was very unique. There was also a beautiful light tunnel that we could walk through too.

DSC02016 DSC02019 DSC02024 DSC02020 DSC02015DSC02038 DSC02053 DSC02043 DSC02041 DSC02040

Tokachigawa Daiichi Hotel is famous for its Mole Onsen facility.  Many of us enjoyed the bath at night and even early in the morning.


Day7   Tokachigawa ~ Chitose ~ Otaru

 It was a long drive from Tokachigawa to Otaru. The highlight of the day was the Lake Shikotsu Hyoto Festival. The snow was falling heavily with strong wind so it was tough staying out there. Inside of the ice cave was much nicer, and it was amazing how they decorate the ice cave with natural pines.

DSC02060 DSC02086 DSC02100 DSC02097 DSC02093 DSC02103

Lunch was at Tamafuji on the way to Lake Shikotsu. Many of us had known Tamafuji from its Hawaii restaurant on Kapahulu Ave.. We all enjoyed their delicious Tonkatsu!

DSC02073 DSC02084 DSC02077 DSC02074

DSC02107 DSC02109 DSC02112DSC02116


Day8  Otaru ~ Yoichi ~ Otaru ~ Sapporo

It was a fun day in Otaru.  First we visited Nikka Whisky Distillery in Yoichi which some of us had known about from the NHK morning TV series “Massan”.  It was a beautiful facility and we enjoyed tasting their premium whiskey, Taketsuru 21 & 17.

DSC02121DSC02125 DSC02155 DSC02150 DSC02152 DSC02147 DSC02141DSC02175DSC02183 DSC02181 DSC02180DSC02188

After Nikka, our surprise stop was the glass making studio. Otaru is famous for their glass works. We had fun making our own Otaru style glass cups.

DSC02210 DSC02256 DSC02253 DSC02247 DSC02241 DSC02232 DSC02225 DSC02221 DSC02215 DSC02212 DSC02213 DSC02209

Otaru’s main street offers so many options.  Many of us enjoyed shopping for popular non-drip Shoyu bottles at Sashisuseso.  Other stores include the Music Box shop, LeTao cheese cakes, and Kitaichi Glass.  Some of us even walked far to the popular fried chicken restaurant, Naruto.  It was very crowded but very good fried chicken.

DSC02263 DSC02264

We finally arrived in Sapporo after a long day. Our final group dinner took place at the fancy Hanagozen restaurant.  It was a full course of Japanese crab Kaiseki and everything was very delicately prepared. It was an amazing last dinner together.

DSC02290 DSC02289DSC02291 DSC02280 DSC02282 DSC02279 DSC02275DSC02297DSC02293DSC02268

Day9  Sapporo

Sapporo is so beautiful! The snow-covered Hokkaido Jingu Shrine was so serene.  We also enjoyed the thrilling Okurayama Ski Jump hill, a great view of the city from Hitsujigaoka Park, and fresh fish Donburi at Central Wholesale Market that was ONO!

DSC02305 DSC02331 DSC02329 DSC02328 DSC02322 DSC02325 DSC02312 DSC02309 DSC02303DSC02359 DSC02373 DSC02365 DSC02364 DSC02357DSC02374 DSC02380 DSC02381 DSC02379 DSC02378 DSC02377 DSC02376DSC02398 DSC02418 DSC02415 DSC02407DSC02394

Day10  Sapporo

Today was a free day in Sapporo.  The majority of us walked to the Sapporo Snow Festival at Odori Park. There were giant Anime Characters, replicas of famous buildings from around the world, and even a Star Wars display. These sculptures lit up at night and some displayed amazing projection mapping.

We strolled freely in the town to visit the Daiso store, Tokyu Hands, and several other department stores. Our hotel was right next to the Susukino Ice sculpture display so most of us were able to visit the site at night.

 DSC02426 DSC02476 DSC02461 DSC02451 DSC02443 DSC02439

Day 11  Sapporo ~ Shin Chitose Airport ~ Honolulu

Time flies when you’re having fun, and it was already time to say good-bye to Hokkaido. We had a last minute shopping stop at the Ario Mall on the way to the airport. The airport was kind of chaotic but we all made the flight back home safely with a lot of fantastic memories of the Northern land of Japan.

A Hui Hou, till we meet again!


Posted by Kat Spear

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