Escorted Tour from Honolulu Tohoku Summer Festival

Day 1/2   Honolulu – Narita – Shinagawa

It was a smooth departure despite the busy summer travel season. Korean Airline served 2 full meals on the flight to Narita from Honolulu.  I chose the most popular inflight menu, Bibimbap, where you mix rice, sesame oil, hot sauce in your bowl with vegetables. I personally enjoyed this delicious meal very much.

Our first night in Tokyo was at Shinagawa Prince Hotel which is conveniently located near many restaurants and stores which are within walking distance. But we learned quickly that the summer humidity and heat made it so uncomfortable to walk outside, even for the short distance. Yikes!


Day 3  Tokyo – Nagaoka

Today is the highlight of our tour, Nagaoka Grand Fireworks.  After resting at the hotel in the morning, we left there in the early afternoon and took a JR local train from Shinagawa to Tokyo, then transferred to a bullet train, JR Toki #373, to Nagaoka.
DSC00914 DSC00916 DSC00921 DSC00913

Shortly after our arrival in Nagaoka, we had a beautiful Japanese Kaiseki style dinner at Kocho restaurant then walked to the fireworks viewing spot. Nagaoka Grand Fireworks estimate over 1million viewers in 2 nights so you can imagine how many people were walking towards the Shinano River where the fireworks were displayed at.  It took almost 45 min. for us to walk in the crowd but we successfully managed it!
DSC00922 DSC00923 (2) DSC00925 DSC00927

The fireworks were truly a once-in-a-life-time experience. Each firework made a huge explosion, and the show continuously went on over 2 hours. Niagara Falls, flowing down from the bridge 650-meter-long into the river, and Phoenix Fireworks were especially spectacular.
DSC00929 DSC00930 DSC00935 DSC00973 DSC00978 DSC00998 DSC01027 DSC01126 DSC00994 DSC01049


Day 4 Nagaoka 

We enjoyed Honolulu’s sister city of Nagaoka by visiting Isoroku Yamamoto Museum, Asahi Sake Brewery, Eguchi Dango to experience making Mitarashi Dango, and lastly attended a lecture about the fireworks.
DSC01128 DSC01130 DSC01138 DSC01139 DSC01143 DSC01150 DSC01171 DSC01159DSC01187 DSC01212 DSC01211 DSC01205DSC01221 DSC01215


Day 5 Nagaoka –Akita

We left Nagaoka by bullet train to view the second summer festival, Akita Kanto Festival. Transferring bullet trains at Omiya Station, we enjoyed a total over 5 hours of train ride.  The Japanese-Western course dinner using the fresh local produce of Akita was very enjoyable.  Kanto’s lanterns represent ears of rice and 230 bamboo poles decorated with lanterns were raised by men balancing poles using their palm, shoulder, hip and even forehead!  It was amazing!

DSC01231 DSC01229 DSC01226 DSC01234DSC01235 DSC01246 (2) DSC01242DSC01253 DSC01256 DSC01255DSC01264DSC01259 DSC01278 DSC01272 DSC01264 DSC01277DSC01342 DSC01375 DSC01360 DSC01357DSC01327 DSC01331 DSC01322


Day 6 Akita – Kakunodate – Aomori

We traveled north to Aomori by bus this day. On the way to Aomori, we visited a beautiful town called Kakunodate. Kakunodate is a former castle town and remarkably preserved since its founding in 1620. We visited Aoyagi Samurai house and enjoyed local souvenir shopping in the town. The lunch at Shichibei was very lovely too.

DSC01379 DSC01401 DSC01409 DSC01408 DSC01387DSC01419 DSC01415 DSC01414 DSC01413 DSC01416DSC01432 DSC01420 DSC01430 DSC01433

Aomori Nebuta Festival is well known for its huge floats parading down the main street together with dancers called Haneto and flutes and drums called Hayashi. Their rhythm and passion were truly fascinating!
DSC01505 DSC01491 DSC01478 DSC01475 DSC01468 DSC01459 DSC01452 DSC01449 DSC01446 DSC01437

Because of our viewing spot being close to the intersection, we were able to see the floats changing directions and moving up and down by carriers.


Day 7 Aomori – Lake Towada – Morioka -Tokyo

We headed towards Morioka today by bus.  On the way to Lake Towada, we drove through Oirase Gorge known as “the most beautiful gorge in Japan”. The winding road and rainy weather wasn’t perfect for viewing, however I hope everyone enjoyed a taste of its beauty!  After the lake cruise, our late lunch was Wanko Soba.  A tiny portion of Soba noodles was poured into your bowl, and as soon as you finish eating, the servers keep pouring noodles on and on until we give up! Ladies average is 45 bowls and men’s is 60 bowls! Oh boy, we ate so much Soba!!
DSC01517 DSC01526 DSC01519DSC01529 DSC01558 DSC01554 DSC01553 DSC01538 DSC01537 DSC01536 DSC01539 DSC01532 DSC01531 DSC01535 DSC01527DSC01528

Coming back to Shinagawa again for the last night in Tokyo, we stayed at Grand Prince Shin Takanawa this time.  This luxurious hotel welcomed us being tired from hopping 3 major summer festivals in Tohoku region.


Day 9 Tokyo – Honolulu

Due to Typhoon approaching to Tokyo area, our flight to Honolulu was delayed 13.5 hours so we ended up staying one extra night in Tokyo. Our arrival in Honolulu was almost midnight on the 8th of August but we were very thankful for our flight being smooth and safe.

Tohoku summer festivals were totally beyond our expectations and truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  JTB offers the best reserved seating for all festivals which you can’t get with any other agents.  Please join us next year for this unique travel experience!


Posted by Kat Spear

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