Everyone Knows Kinkakuji(金閣寺) as Golden Pavilion, Can’t Miss This Gougeous Zen Temple in Kyoto


Kinkakuji is so well known and it is one of the top must see place while you are in Kyoto.
It’s so poupular, and everyone takes ton’s of pictures everyday but there is strict restriction for it’s usages,
so I can’t put up picture of Golden Pavilion.

But, Kinkakuji is not only Golden Pavilion, there is a lot to see beside.  It was 2nd week of November and still early stage of fall foliage but it is beautiful as you can see.


There is so many different shape and colors of Japanese Maple leaf, and color reflecting on pond.


This is so called Kuryu-no- matsu(陸船の松, Pine tree) which said to be planted by Ashikaga Yoshimitsu himself.


This fountain is called Gingasen(銀河泉)was used by Shogun Yoshimitsu Ashikaga for tea
ceremony. It is still active spring.


There is another fountain called Gankasui(厳下水), also used Shugun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu to wash his hands.


This is Sekka-tei(夕佳亭↑), tea house built in honor of a visit by Emperor Gominoo  back in 17th
century. It is burned down but rebuilt in 1873.


Kinkakuji has burned down numerous times in it’s history and most recently in 1950, it was set fire by a fanatic
monk and it was shocking news as Yukio Mishima wrote novel about it.


Fall foliage will be peaked around 3rd week of  November, ant it will be very crowded by tourist but it will worth
visiting to enjoy magnificent view of golden pavilion and gardens.

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