GODA KADAN 「強羅花壇」 The Ultimate Japanese Style Resort









Gora Kadan has two wells from which mineral rich, hot spring water flows and feeds the open-air baths. The minerals contained in the spring water are regarded as having many healthy qualities promoting general good health, and also, smooth, soft skin.

Gora Kadan offers a unique blend of modern sophistication with the richness of traditional Japanese style and the fabulous kaiseki dinner is renowned not only in Japan, but among the well travelled world travellers.

Standard Tatami Room with Wooden Bath (70sqm: Main Room 10 tatami mats + Adjoining Room 4 tatami mats)
Authentic typical Japanese style Room with exclusive private bath made of “Hinoki” wooden bath. Kadan Suite with Panoramic Round Wooden Bath (100sqm: Main Room 8 tatami mats + Adjoining Room 6 tatami mats) This “Kadan Suite with panoramic round wooden bath” has the finest panoramic view..

1300 Gora Hakone-machi,
Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa, 250-0408