Hokkaido Lavender Tour with Linda

(Day 1)

This time we had more than 30people on our group, we all were exited to go on this trip!

Arrival date in Chitose was almost 7pm and we stayed at one of Sapporo Hotel conveniently located near Susukino Area.


(Day 2)

We visited Sake brewery, Ice Pavilion and water fall from Sapporo to Sounkyo Onsen  resort via Asahikawa.

Which also include fun shopping at Sunakawa Oasis, it was something new in Japan, now days lots of retail store offer Duty Free for our shopping.

It was only a 2nd day but most of us had huge bag of “Omiyage” and must have ice cream in hand which is always good.

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(Day 3)

This is the day we visit Lavender flower field and Biei Flower hill. Nice weather everybody is in good spirits, looking forward seeing beautiful flowers. Some of us are first time to experience Onsen, little bashfull  ones reserved private onsen.

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(Day 4)

Little cold in Sahoro (Tokachi) it was 50’s degree but as sun comes out, temperature was just comfortable. Ainu village was some of our participants highlight activity since we had a curator explain about what we can’t see from display. Many of us understood their hardship during difficult time. Bear Park and Valley of hell visit was fun beside rotten egg smell…. Some of us manage to reserve private onsen at hotel.

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(Day 5)

Fisrt stop is walking distance from our hotel – secret spot. It is such relaxing environment in the forest and soak in our fee in natural hot spring river water, then we hitting for Sapporo city. After Cherry picking. Due to little rain in Sapporo, we changed schedule from visiting Okurayama Sky jumping hill to “Shiroi Koibito Park”.

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(Day 6)

Time to explore Sapporo City. Most of us had set mind for “go broke” shopping and some of us were hunting for good food.

Leisurely walk to Odori Park from our hotel , Fish Market and so on.

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(Day 7)

Otaru and Yoichi. Enjoyed Sushi lunch, no drip shoyu bottle shopping and sweets in Otaru. Fish cake factory was great since they give away free sample at the entrance. Since we had schedule change due to rail, today we visited Okurayama, ski lift ride to the top was nice view. Our tour was almost over, you can see us cathing up some sleep on the bus…

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(Day 8)

Early morning visit to Sapporo Fresh Produce Market. First of the year Sayuri auction was going on and Tuna auction was fast to finish er didn’t understand how the price was set but it took only 10min for them to set price and vendor started to loading them out. After the tour we stop at restaurant next to market, we sure enjoy Sapporo Classic Beer (only available in Hokkaido) and great seafood.

Sure enough it was fast we were already coming home…..lots of good memories.

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Posted by Linda Okabe

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