"Horyu-ji Temple" (法隆寺) Historical landmark designated as a World Cultural structure, oldest wooden structures on earth

Horyu-ji Temple is located in Ikaruga-cho in the northwestern part of Nara Prefecture, and it’s sometime called Ikaruga-dera Temple.  The temple’s pagoda is acknowledged  the oldest wooden buildings exist on earth. There are many tructures remain from the Asuka era in 7th century.

Five Story Pagoda(Goju-no-to) standing next to the Kondo is the one of the oldest wooden buildings in the world and stands at 122 feet in height.

The Kondo(Main Hall, Golden Hall), located side-by-side to the Pagoda is another one of the oldest wood buildings built around 680.

1-1 Sannai, Hoyu-ji,Ikaruga-cho
Ikoma-gun,Nara-ken, Japan


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