Japanese Shaved Ice “Kakigori” is Surprisingly an All Year Round Dessert

a typical shaved ice
You may think that Kakigori (Shaved Ice) is a summertime dessert, but it has actually become a popular treat all year round!
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Tokyo, the central hub of Japanese culinary arts, there are kakigori shops that serve long lines in the autumn and winter. In rain or shine, sleet or snow, kakigori cafes are even popular when it’s freezing cold.
craftsman preparing the ultimate shaved ice
Though many kakigori are served with fruit flavored sugar based syrups, these shops serve high quality house-made syrups with authentic fruit juices and other high-quality ingredients.
rich pumpkin custard flavor
Taking great pride and effort in the quality of their product, these shops create the best shaved ice in the world, emphasizing on the quality of the ingredients they use.
tempting tiramisu flavor
Starting from its foundation—the Kori (ice) in Kakikori is made with natural mineral water imported from select regions.
fresh avocado milk flavor
The machines shave the ice with specialized blades that create very thin and fluffy snow-like textures, unlike the typical crunchy and chunky ice.
cinnamon topped honey yogurt flavor
These fancy kakigori shops have longer lines in the summer (totally worth the wait), but still remain popular throughout other seasons.
Whether you’re beating the heat, or just staying cool, don’t forget to try it out on your next trip to Japan!
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*Takoyaki stand that serves kakigori as well. They’re takoyaki is pretty good too!!