“The best breakfast in Japan” is ready for you at Kayotei.

If you come to the entrance of Kayotei for the first time it is evident that this is a very special Japanese inn. This one of a kind  ryokan is located in the tiny hot spring village of Yamanaka in Ishikawa prefecture. This village remains much the same as it has for hundreds of years.

Kayotei's Entrance
Kayotei’s Entrance

It’s your private mountain villa, has only 10 guest suites and rest in a lush mountain valley. Think of it as your private mountain villa, a place to savor traditional Japanese cuisine in a style that even inns in Tokyo and Kyoto cannot match.

KLayotei's Entrance

The Kayotei-the place and the experience for seasoned Japan travelers. Lonely Planet calls The Kayotei one of Japan’s four best ryokans, which was determined by offering guests the quintessential ryokan experience and unsurpassed hospitality on the intimate scale.

Kayotei Lobby
Kayotei Lobby

Luxuriate in Kayotei’s spacious open-air hot springs bath, or soak in the privacy of your own suite. Use its spa and wellness service – tailored to fight aging – and sample fresh organic fare.

Kayotei Private Onsen Bath
Kayotei Private Onsen Bath

Feast on sumptuous kaiseki-style meal of fresh ingredients paired with fine locally brewed sake. Then fall asleep wrapped in the scents and stillness of the forest.

Kayotei’s Famous Breakfast

When you awake, enjoy “the best breakfast in Japan” featuring choice, naturally harvested fish and shellfish with rice grown organically using the aigamo method. They also offer hand-harvested mountain vegetables in the spring and kinoko mushrooms in autumn.

Kayote's Breakfast
Kayote’s Breakfast

The kayotei – your all-season mountain gateway, complete with personal chef.

Kayote's Japanese Tatami Room
Kayote’s Japanese Tatami Room

After enjoying Kayotei’s famous breakfast,you can walk the Kakusenke Gorge trail which is about a little over a mile long. You can enjoy the seasonal beauty with its strangely shaped rocks, bizarre stones, waterfalls and all the deep water pools that are colored in bluish green.

Kakusenkei Yuhodo Trail
Kakusenkei Yuhodo Trail

Walking on the trail by the waterside and visiting famous spots such as the Basho-do Hut where renowned Japanese poet Matsuo Basho composed the haiku: ” Who needs the dew of youth from the chrysanthemum when/You have the restoring water of/Yamanaka?” 「山中や 菊は手折らじ 湯の匂い」

Kakusenkei Yuhodo Trail
Kakusenkei Yuhodo Trail

He composed this haiku about 320 years ago when he was passing through Yamanaka Onsen on his journey to the deep north. This hut, located close to Kurotani Bridge, contains a small statue of Basho inside.

Kakusenkei Yuhodo Trail
Kakusenkei Yuhodo Trail

At the end of the Kakusenkei trail, there is the Kohrogi Bridge. The view from this elegant cypress bridge changes dramatically with the passing of the season. This is a must-see spot for visitors to Kayotei, Yamanaka Onsen.

Kakusenkei Yuhodo Trail and Koorogi Bashi
Kakusenkei Yuhodo Trail and Koorogi Bashi

Mr. Masanori Kamiguchi, owner and creator of Kayotei believes ryokan should showcase local culture, artistry and products. Many master artisans practice their craft here in the Yamanaka Onsen region.  Mr. Yasuhiro Satake’s Senju Kobo is the place where Kayotei’s guest can exclusively visit and study how traditional Japanese lacquer ware were made.

Satake Yasuhiro's Senju Kobo
Satake Yasuhiro’s Senju Kobo

Mr. Yasuhiro Satake is a third generation wood turner in Yamanaka and held many solo exhibitions in Tokyo and Kyoto.

Satake Yasuhiro's Senju Kobo
Satake Yasuhiro’s Senju Kobo

His private gallery is open for invitation and all guest at Kayote can visit.

Yasuhiro Sakate's Senju Kobo Gallery
Yasuhiro Sakate’s Senju Kobo Gallery

Mr. Satake’s famous wine cup which is delicately made, so light and so beautiful.

Mr. Yasuhiro Satake's Wine Glass
Mr. Yasuhiro Satake’s Wine Glass

The Kayotei is delighted to use his lacquer ware and is designed for daily use, and they last many many years.

Mr. Yasuhiro Satake
Mr. Yasuhiro Satake at his private gallery

Kayotei’s creator Mr. Masanori Kamiguchi states:

Our motto is  – A mountain inn that thrives on the happiness of its travelers – To achieve this goal, every employer at Kayotei is constantly searching for ways to improve the experience of the guest who choose our exclusive ten-room inn.

Even as we welcome travelers, we are travelers in the midst of a knowledge quest.

These notes are the culmination of knowledge from various experts and artisans who consider Kayotei their go-to inn. We hope our record of small steps in the journey of knowledge is of interest to you as you relax at Kayotei.  end of quote

The Kayotei is a life changing experience. The exposure to the beautiful, raw nature and the top class service leaves its guest with a new outlook on Japanese hospitality and yourself.

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