Korea Autumn Tour 2013

(Day 1 )

We are departing for Inchon on Asiana Airlines, seat is very comfortable with more leg room, video on demand. Very nice!











(Day 2)

Arrive in Inchon, good weather. Now we catch bus to Gimpo to fly to Busan, busy busy busy!!









Finally long day ended with nice comfy bed in Novotel Ambossador Busan Hotel on Haeundae beach which is famous beach redort in Korea.

(Day 3)

Everybody was happy with great breakfast buffet, I didn’t tell them it’s only going to be better ; )

I always tell “eat before you think during your trip!”. Dont’ you think so?

First visit is to Jagalch fish market – live octopus eating and sampling dried sea food. Most of you may not know, but in Busan

they have the world biggest shopping mall. We briefely visit there since it was raining a bit. Good extra stop before go back to the hotel.

busanbusan 3busan 1








(Day 4)

Such a nice weather, unfortunately we were unable to see gold crown at Gyeongju National Museum due to renovation

but we enjoy beautiful fall color in this province. Everybody enjoyed walk to Grotto Shrine from parking

thru mountain road which had no steps, no hills to clime and passing by Korean nationals

gave us chance to talk to them in relaxing environment. Autumn color is

beautiful!  Lots of nice scenery, country side of Korea is very charming. Again we are EATING our way!!

4 41 42







Also our guide made special arrangement for us. We visited Mr. Yoo who is living national tresure of Shiela pottery artisan.

He was very kind to show us process of making pottery and show us his kiln.







(Day 5)

Boat cruise on Lake Chungju in Danyang, along the way we enjoy another beautiful autumn colors. Beside that we had

good province famous chicken dish for lunch and kalbi BBQ for dinner.

Our guide brought Korean drama  DVD for our long drive. Everybody hooked on watching it on the bus. For the first time nobody slept?!

It is like drug, people ask driver to keep driving to see the end of the story…. ; )

Also one of our group member made new friends in Korea – these little girls spoke perfect English.

boat1boat 2boat 4






(Day 6)

Mt. Seorak is filled with Autumn color, it was bit tough going up to the top after catching a gondola but evrybody made it!

Again good lunch, snack and dinner. Seorak was full of people to enjoy autumn color.

mt mt2  mt4 mt5





(Day 7)

Busy day, finally in big city Seoul. First stop is lunch –  Samugetan soup. It is so “massi so yo=delicious”.
We arrived hotel at 6:30, everybody run out for shopping in Myongdong. 3more days to go.
seo1 seo2 seo3
(Day 8)

This is the day we visit KBS drama studio. Unfortunately no luck of seeing any TV star but we are out all day till 10pm.

I thought everybody will be tired and sleepy by the time Nanta show starts but amazing enough,

everybody looked very awake!! I think it was something to do with tempture out side

it was 30 degree, below freezing point…awwww

2-2 5-2 6-2





(Day 9)

Enjoyed one of the most important meal – breakfast buffet at Lotte hotel is the most fabulous one , some of us stayed

more than 2hours but today, everybody is willing to get up and go for shopping and venture out in Seoul.

Our Lotte hotel is located in city center, myondong and Namdemun Market is within walking distance.

Some enjoyed optional tour to DMZ, pumpere by massage late at night, ordered tailor made shirts and eating!!

It seems not enough time to do all of that, but “yes” we did!!

Our last night in Seoul  – filled with wonderful memories. We are going home tomorrow!

seoul 3 seoul seoul2






(Day 10)

Final stop before airport.

last1 last2




Posted by Linda Okabe

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