My Dear(deer) city NARA! Japan’s first capita from 710 to 784, you can find old temples and historical spots everywhere. 「奈良」

My Dear (deer) city Nara! This city is the first capital of Japan, from 710 to 784. You can find old temples and historical spots everywhere.
I started walking from Kintetsu Nara station towards Nara machi, old section of Nara. Here’s a famous pond Sarusawa -no-Ike and a five-story pagoda, a landmark of Nara. Walking towards Naramachi, old district of Nara city. Then you find old traditional shops here and there.
Japanese clogs are good for the sole of your feet. You say you can’t find your size?? well, you can enjoy watching her technique of making original sandal!

This is a cute clothes shop. These blouse are made from Kimono! It is said that Japanese who went to Hawaii for the first time made Hawaiian shirts out of Kimono like this! People still live in a old traditional houses.

Nara is famous for Great Buddha. However, another famous popular one is Deer. They used to be regarded as messengers of God and messengers never being killed—always treated like special guests from heaven since 8C. Naturally, they became very “tame” but they are wild animals.
You will find 1000 roaming deer in a compound of Todaiji temple. Relaxing…. never being afraid of human.

Besides Great Buddha, my favorite statues are NIO Guardians on the way to Great Buddha Hall. This main gate called Nandai mon has two magnificent statues made from 3000 wooden pieces.
Nio the guardians are the greatest samples of the high time of Japanese sculptural art— Kamakura period. 12 and 13 C.
Everyone stops there and has a breathtaking moment.