"Ninja…..who are they" A ninja house has the answer 「忍者屋敷」

Ninja House  “Ninjas……., who are they?? ” A cliché still most tourists ask. Ninjas are spies, who sneak into the feudal lords’ houses and collect highly-classified information. Unlike the image you might have, highly trained in martial arts (of course they are), the ultimate skill essential to ninjas is disappear without a tace. Why?? Their job is to collect information and report it to the master, not fighting for the master. Then how do they dissapear? A ninja house has the answer.



















A ninja house has full of tricks to evade from assasinators: secret doors, tunnels, relvolving doors, suspended ceiling, etc. At a glance, it looks like an ordinary house (See picture), but has full of hidden tricks only insiders know.