One of Japan’s best food YAKITORI "KUSHIKURA" faniyse Yakitori restaurant in KYOTO 「串くら 京都」

Yakitori! barbeque chicken with skewers, Kushikura Yakiroi restaurant in Kyoto
One of our best food we are proud of is, Yakitori! barbeque chicken with skewers. There are countless Yakitori restaurants all over Kyoto as well as in Japan, now I would like to take you to “Kushikura” a famous Yakitori restaurant in the center of Kyoto.

The restaurant is an traditional old Machiya (town people’s house) Young chefs welcome you when you sit in front of their kitchen. There are many private rooms for groups, too.
For lunch time you have many good selections with reasonable price, in the evening you can come with your friends and enjoy yakiroi, other traditional food and sake or wine.
At the end Mama san, the general manager greets to us saying “Ookini (dialect in Kyoto meaning thank you!” with a lovely smile! Come and join our Yakitori party!!