Ryo-an-ji Rock Garden, No flowers, trees and greenery, nothing but rocks but everything is there 「龍安寺 石庭」

How about meditating in front of Zen Garden?
Kyoto is an amazing city. The city has a long standing history—-Kyoto lasted as a capital for such a long time since 794 until 1867. Because of this background, this city has many historical spots such as temples, palace, gardens and shrines. One of the most famous gardens is called ” Rock Garden” — a garden which is completely made out of only rocks and sand. A designer is anonymous. When you say ” a garden” you might have an image of flowers and trees with lots of greenery. But here, as you see, nothing but rocks. All scenery is inside yourself. You may find a big ocean in front of you, or you may find even universe. Everything is there. Everything out of nothing. Then you sit there, relax, think nothing,,,,, be careful!!! this is SO HARD. Think NOTHING. Can you do that? Don’t think today’s meeting, don’t think dating. Emptiness. Then, the goal is, enlightenment!