Soba Restaurant in Kyoto has only 3 tables, a Tiny but tasty small place to enjoy unique soba “Chikuyuan Tarou Atsumori” 竹邑庵太郎敦盛


“Chikuyuan Tarou Atsumori” is a Soba restaurant but it is just like a visiting someone’s guest room in Kyoto. It is situated at the back street so unless you have good map it’s hard to find this tiny restaurart.

This restaurant has only 3 tables, one is a big round table but you have to sit on tatami, the others you can sit on chairs but only 4 can sit. You feel like you are invited to someone’s guest house to eat soba.

Soba is served in a box which is custome made only for this restaurant. It has nice volume, probably 150% more than regular restaurant so you don’t have to order “OOMORI” which means “Super size it”

They only have 2 kinds of menues, “Okkake Soba” and “Atsumori Soba”. Atsumori Soba you can taste a lot of fresh scallion and fresh raw egg, you will be never taste this kind of gougeous soup in US.

This restaurant is usually full for luch time, so it will be good idea to go around 5pm or late at night aroud 8:30pm. You may be the only customer but you can enjoy chat with Chef.

This kind of restaurants can be found only in Kyoto and it fits and makes sense only in Kyoto. Please visit Chikuyuan Tarou Atsumori whenever you have chance.

Chikuyuan Tarou Atsumori

Kyoto-Fu, Kamikyou-ku Sawaragi-cho Dori Karasumaru NIshi 242-12

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