TENKU-NO-MORI 「天空の森」 Great escape from usual life with Great Rebirth in nature

Japanese tea leaves, arriving at sumptuous villa type resort called “Tenku-no-Mori”, which means “Forests in the sky”. There are only 5 villas in this property, each villa has own bed room, living room designed and built by local carpenter, and own hot spring with very wide duckboards where you can relax yourself in deck chair at all times, again taking hot springs….., spa treatment in real natural environments.

Always you can see 360 degree panoramic nice view of mountains including the Kirishima mountains. Strictly no other people bother the space, keeping pure privacy space in every villa. The theme is to forget time, past, present, future, looking at beautiful scenery in this full of nature. Go back to your basics, discover yourself, this is where you can find yourself.

Dinner and breakfast served are stuff which are all produced in this property. Local chicken dishes are all very delicious. Bread are all home made, and very fresh. This proves high quality and heartfelt welcome in this resort.

Minami-Kirishima Onsen, Syukukubota, Makizono-cho,
Kirishima-shi, Kagoshima 899-6507