Todai-ji (東大寺) The Largest wooden building in the world.

The world famouse Todai-ji Temple for its “Daibutsuden Hall” which is the world’s largest wooden structure, and the home of the popular “Great Buddha of Nara” . This gigantic, world largest bronze statue is 15m(49 feet) tall and weighs approximately 250 tonnes.

Todai-ji temple is a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site, contains various pavilions and halls, including many designated as national trearues of Japan.

It was originaly built in 749, Daibutsu(Great Buddha) has been repaired and renovated after damage by earthquakes many times. Daibutsuden(The Great Buddha Hall) has been rebuilt twice after fire. Current building was finished in 1709 and it is actually 30% smaller than before.

1 Zoshi-cho, Nara-shi
Nara-ken, Japan


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