HAKATA Ramen is a specail dish from Fukuoka Prefecture. Majority of ramen soup in Tokyo are based on soy source, but the ramen soup in Kyushu island are made from pork bone stocks called Tonkotsu(豚骨).

Kyushu island is also known as fishing fresh seafoods. Look at the transparency of this squid Sashimi!
After eating the surface, the chef made grilled squid with its leftovers. yum!


Is this Karaage(唐揚げ)/fried chicken lunch plate? Incorrect. This is Toriten(鳥天); Tori(chicken) + Tempura. It’s a local dish of Oita Prefecture.
Enjoy juicy chickens in crunchy batter with soy sauce & mustard.

Can you imagine what they are? (Hint: We call the dish on left, “Basashi”(馬刺). These are special lunch course menu offered by horseflesh restaurants.

Basashi is raw horse meat. Very fresh and no oder, so I was not hesitated tasting. The most plates in the picture have horse meat in various body parts like neck, knee, tendo achillis and medulla spinalis.

Kyushu island locates in the west, therefore local governments are promoting this area as “Gateway to Asia”.

Alright, this is the only introduction to Kyushu island. You need to discover more on your own foot. Exploring Kyushu is now more convenient and speedy, because Kyushu Shinkansen (Bullet train) started operation in March 12. It connects from Hakata station (Fukuoka prefecture) to Kagoshima Chuo station (Kagashima prefecture) station in 1 hour and 20 minutes. (*in minimum)

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