Visit Japan in Spring to enjoy cherry blossoms!

Spring is one of the best seasons to visit Japan! What makes spring special are beautiful cherry blossoms seen all over Japan. Usually, cherry trees blooms in March and early April though it depends on place and year.  As spring time begins, people wait patiently for the first flushes of pink.

We are going to introduce tours and spots to enjoy beautiful cherry blossoms.

★Recommended Tours★

Luxury Escapes 2020 – 10 days 9 nights

This is the ultimate tour to travel around Japan, and enjoy cherry blossom.
In this tour, you can enjoy private garden light up event at Myoshinji, a temple in Kyoto.  Spring is one of the best and busiest seasons to visit Kyoto, however, this is the exclusive visit, and you can escape from the crowd. It must be the peak season of cherry blossoms. You will enjoy the breathtaking scenery here.

We have 2 departures in spring as below.

Mar 23nd-Apr 1st, 2020

Mar 30th-Apr 8th, 2020

Sunrise Tour- 1 day tour
Tokyo Cherry Blossoms Half day Tours

These are popular tours to enjoy beautiful cherry blossoms in Tokyo. There are 2 options. The first tour group will enjoy Meguro River Chartered Cherry Blossom Cruise, visit to Chidorigafuchi and Shinjyuku Gyoen. The other tour will visit Shinjyuku Gyoen, Ueno Park, and Sensoji Temple. The climax of the second tour is Sumida River night cruise.

Meguro River Chartered Cherry Blossom Cruise Tour : Mar 23rd – Apr 12 (Daily)
Sumida River Night Cruise Tour : Mar 21st – Apr 5th (Daily)

Sunrise Tour-1 day tour
Early blooming cherry blossom, Play in the snow at Mt.Fuji & strawberry picking

This 1-day bus tour is an efficient way to enjoy sightseeing in areas difficult to enjoy on one’s own. See all of Japan’s must see scenery -Mt. Fuji, snow and cherry blossoms.

Jan.14th-Mar.21st : Every Tue, Thu, Sat

★Recommended Spots★


Chidorigafuchi is the moat located Northwest of the Imperial Palace. Chidorigafuchi’s path is the most scenic spot around the moat, with a 700-meter-long tunnel of cherry trees in the spring.

Hirosaki Park – Aomori

Hirosaki Park is located in Aomori, Northern part of Japan. The cherry blossoms in Hirosaki Park are lauded as the largest-scaled in Japan. They originate back to 1715, when the Tsugaru clan requisitioned 25 Kasumizakura cherry trees from Kyoto and planted them in the grounds of Hirosaki Castle, present day Hirosaki Park.

Miharu Takizakura – Fukushima

The Miharu Takizakura is one of the biggest single cherry trees in Japan. It is located in Fukushima.  Takizakura means “waterfall cherry blossoms,” and is a cherry tree that blooms into gorgeous cascades of delicate pink petals that are absolutely stunning to behold and unlike any other cherry blossoms you will see in Japan.

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