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OHAGI 「おはぎ」 or BOTAMOCHI 「ぼたもち」
OHAGI, or BOTAMOCHI, are rice balls made from sweet rice. Typical OHAGI, or BOTAMOCHI are with sweet azuki(red bean) paste
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Ryo-an-ji Rock Garden, No flowers, trees and greenery, nothing but rocks but everything is there 「龍安寺 石庭」
How about meditating in front of Zen Garden? Kyoto is an amazing city. The city has a long standing history—-Kyoto
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Shopping & Eating inside of Saidaiji Train Station located Japan’s oldest Capital "NARA" 「奈良 西大寺」
Where am I?? I am in the middle of a station , called Saidaiji. Saidaiji is the city in Nara
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GION is really "this is Kyoto", Strolling around in Gion, you will always have some surprises and discoveries. 「祇園」
  “Ladies in Kyoto” have some special connotation in Japan: They look elegant and gentle, but are very tough like
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One of Japan’s best food YAKITORI "KUSHIKURA" faniyse Yakitori restaurant in KYOTO 「串くら 京都」
Yakitori! barbeque chicken with skewers, Kushikura Yakiroi restaurant in Kyoto One of our best food we are proud of is,
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Bathing in onsen, wear Yukata, a cotton kimono, enjoy eating full course meal with Sake. Let’s ENKAI 「宴会」
Intoxicated by Sake—– Japanese way of having a party!! What we Japanese people do when we go to a hot
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