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(Tokyo –> Takasaki –> Minakami –> Yuzawa –> Niigata –> Sado Island –> Tokyo )  10DAYS / 9NIGHTS INTRODUCTION: Located in the northernmost part of Nagano Prefecture, the Hokushin Region is known for winter sports, countless hot springs, the best rice and some of the finest sake produced in Japan. Visitors to the region can also savor some of the freshest seafood available in the country. Trip Highlights: Less than an...

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Northern Culture Museum, a part of The Ito Estate, the former home of one of welthiest landowners; the Ito family. “A family, which started out as farmers on the west bank of the great Agano River, which flows across the Kanbara Plain in Echigo, grew richer from farther to son until eventually they build up an enormous fortune and became the greatest landowners in Echigo. The family’s name was Ito. During the Meiji Period,...

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