This is the tour you should take when it’s your first time in TOKYO Japan “Dynamic Tokyo” ~Sumida River Cruise~

This is about “JTB USA sunrise Dynamic Tokyo Tour”~Sumida River Cruise~.
After sightseeing “Imperial Palace”, we will Enjoy a 40 minute boat ride on the Sumidagawa Line from Hinode Pier on Tokyo Bay to Asakusa.
The Sumida river was instrumental in the development of Tokyo. While taking a boat, you can enjoy seeing famous spots like sky tree, some bridges and high buildings.  The cruise must make you feel the present/ previous Tokyo.
From Hinode pier, there are boats running to 3 destinations: Asakusa, Odaiba Sea Side Park, and Tokyo Big Sight via Palette Town. In this tour, your destination will be Asakusa.
We will always follow a tour guide’s red fish (See the below photo.), you will never get lost this way.
The above photos were taken inside the water bus. You can relax inside the bus. Feel free to take pictures and enjoy talking with your family.
You will see “Tokyo Sky Tree” along the cruise. The black and gold building, which has interesting looks, is Asahi Breweries headquarters, called Asahi beer hall.
The shape of the building, which is supposed to be beer mug and huge  Gold flame like funny shape, is representing Asahi Breweries passion for making beer.
We will experience about 30 seconds shape of Sky tree reflects on Asahi breweries building.
Enjoy taking pictures there.
 After the cruise, you will visit to Asakusa  Kannon Temple and Nakamise shopping acades.
The subway station of Asakusa (See below photo.) looks like one of Asakusa Kannon’s temples. Also this station is well known as the oldest subway station in Japan.
Now we will enjoy visiting to Asakusa Kannon Temple.
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