This is the tour you should take when it’s your first time in TOKYO Japan “Dynamic Tokyo” ~Imperial Palace Plaza~

This is about “JTB USA sunrise Dynamic Tokyo Tour”~Imperial Palace~.
After the lunch at “Chinzaon-so”,  we will go to  “Imperial Palace”. (The residence of Japan’s imperial family)

The imperial Palace is located in Tokyo where the former Edo castle was there, and there is a large park surrounded by massive stone walls.
It has been known as the residence of Japanese Imperial family. After Tokyo became the capital of Japan (the previous one was Kyoto), the new Imperial Palace was built in Tokyo in 1888. Though it had damaged by World War Two, the same style palace has rebuilt.

There is a statue of “Kusunoki Masashige”, who is 14th century samurai and fought for Emperor Go-Daigo out side of Imperial Place.
Visiting to the entrance of the Imperial Palace, you can see a bridge.(See the below photo)
It has been called  “Meganebashi”(means “Eyeglass Bridge”) because of its looks.
The imperial Palace is surrounded by large moats. (See the below photo.)
You can see many people enjoy taking a walk around the moat. The road next to the moat is well known as a good one for going running.
You see a white building at right corner (See the below photo.), which is current Daiichi-Seimei Building. The Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers, called GHQ (General Headquaters) in Japan, was stationed following World War II.
The above photo is “Koban” (means a police) in front of Nijubashi.
Outside of the Imperial Place, there is a wide street named “Uchibori-Dori”, which surrounds the Imperial Palace.
After enjoying the Imperial Palace, we are heading to Sumida River Cruise.
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