This is the tour you should take when it’s your first time in TOKYO Japan “Dynamic Tokyo” ~Lunch at Chinzanso~

This is about “JTB USA sunrise Dynamic Tokyo Tour”~Chinzanso Restaurant~.
After Tea ceremony at “Happoen Garden”, we will visit very popular restaurant named “Chinzanso” for lunch.

In Tokyo there are many restaurants. Among all, the Chinzan-so resraurant has been one of famous restaurants there. It is located in Mejirodai area in Tokyo.
At first the area was known as “Camellia Mountain” for its wild camellia. In 1878, the area became the estate of Aritomo Yamagata. He named the area “Chinzanso”, and held some important national meetings there. After some buildings in Chinzanso had damaged by air raids, over ten thousand trees have been planted.

Then now the Chinzanso became famous for the good place to hold a wedding ceremony, or enjoy delicious cuisine.

In front of the main entrance in Chinzanso, we will find lockers especially designed for Umbrellas!  Each space has a lock for an umbrella. In the way You will never forget your umbrella because you need take your locker key.
There are 6 restaurants in Chinzanso. And they are all surrounded by the serene beauty of a landscaped Japanese garden. The timeless natural setting of the pond presents a scene of sublime elegance.
One of the restaurants is called “Mucha-an” situated on the hill. There you can enjoy eating Japanese”Soba”  noodle.
Along the way to “Mucha-an”, you can see a small Shrine. (See the below photo.)
“Kinsui”  is another refined, traditional Japanese restaurant which set in a beautiful greenery garden. Formal Kaiseki cuisine are served.
 On the top of the hill, there are 3 tiered pagoda, which was brought to Chinzan-so by Baron Heitaro Fujita from Hiroshima.  This pagoda was constructed around 802-852 AD and it was built without any nails.
The restaurant, where we will have lunch, is called “Mokushun-do”. It has a cluster of fine hanare (detached dining rooms).  You will enjoy mongolian style berbecue lunch here.
“Chinzan-so” is also very popular place for a wedding ceremony.
 In the garden, there are 20 stone statues (Rakan) carved from sketched the Japanese Painter Jakucho Ito. These statues were originally from Sekihoji Temple in Kyoto.
 There is a sacred 500-year-old tree near “Mokushun-do” restaurant.
After the lunch, you will enjoy walking around “Chinzan-so Garden”. Then you might find out not only stunning beauty of Japanese traditional garden but also discover many historic remains of pre-Meiji period.
After the lunch, we are going to the Imperial Palace.
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