This is the tour you should take when it’s your first time in TOKYO Japan “Dynamic Tokyo” ~Tea Ceremony at Happoen

Happoen Garden is the 2nd visiting place of JTB Sunrise Tour “Dynamic Tokyo One Day Tour”. You will have Tea Ceremony here. You will participate in a traditional tea ceremony.
Happoen Garden is located in Shirogane area of Tokyo. While Tokyo is always bustling, the garden has been well known as a traditional peaceful place there.
The name “Happoen” has some meanings. It means a garden of eight views (From wherever you see the garden, you can enjoy beautiful view.), and also the number eight is a fortune number in Japan.
In the Happoen garden, you will enjoy tea ceremony.
For so long time, Japanese people have been enjoying not only drinking tea, but also that atmosphere, preparing it, talking with friends, and learning Japanese culture. And after the ceremony, they are always thankful to the person, who made and drank it.
I’d like you to feel these Japanese warm hart.
 Japanese Tea House “Muan” is situated in a beautiful Japanese garden.
The structure is so simple yet stood out it’s presence in the garden.
Japanese garden has maintained the natural beauty of Edo Japan down through the centuries and bequeathed it to present day.
You will be amazed to find out that every angle has such a different view.
You will feel relaxed just with looking at Tea master’s movements. Every movements seem like having some sort of meanings.
Happoen is also one of most popular places to have a Japanese style wedding ceremony. We sometimes encounter Japanese brides dressed traditional Japanese wedding kimono.
Now we proceed to “Chinzaso “, where you will have barbecued lunch.
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