How to Successfully Organize an International Sporting Event

Sports bring people together like nothing else, regardless of what event it is. The past few years may have changed the way that everyone gets together, but the excitement remains. As experts in meeting and event planning, JTB has perfected the art of organizing a world-class sporting event in a pandemic. Here, we will give you some of our best tips to ensure that the event is a success.

Why working with a team is important
The old saying, “teamwork makes the dream work,” may sound cheesy but could not be more true for putting on a successful event. With the right team in place, full of motivated and knowledgeable people, you can achieve the end results that you want. Start by building a crew who have the specialized skills, specifically dealing with sporting events.

For example, JTB has years of experience putting on sporting events and has even gained a background in organizing them during a pandemic. Your team and ours can come together to make the dream event happen. After all, there are many components that go into creating a successful and world-class sporting event. Consider logistics like transportation, travel and other accommodations. In addition, specific sporting federations have different requirements and each sport has its athlete needs as well. Last-minute changes and adjustments are nearly impossible to avoid, so you need a team that can effortlessly manage them.

How relationships make a deal
One of the most valuable elements of putting on a sporting event at any time, but especially during the pandemic, is industry connections. Local relationships can elevate the occasion and impact the community in a positive way. When plans change, as they tend to do in these unique times, your sporting event can remain unaffected when there are contingency plans in place.

JTB not only has the industry knowledge, but we bring with us the value of pre-established local relationships. Instead of trying to make new connections, use our contacts to convey a local flair and connectivity to the event. For example, if something falls through with the catering or food vendors, a relationship with the local cuisine scene can save the day. In addition, we can ensure that everything is up to code, as local rules and regulations change on a near-monthly basis.
The value of flexibility
Flexibility has always been a great advantage for event planners, but never more so than during the COVID-19 pandemic. Circumstances change at the drop of a hat, regulations shift and timelines need adjusting. Remaining agile is an absolute necessity when it comes to organizing a sporting event and requires a team that can think creatively.

At sporting events, rosters and athletic lineups can change on a daily basis depending on the competition results and other factors, such as the weather. This flexibility needs to extend to the technology that supports the event, as many people will likely be relying on digital aspects.

Long-term sustainability
Sustainability is an important part of organizing a world-class sporting event. Having an eco-friendly event has many advantages, aside from reducing the environmental impact of the affair. Some added benefits include cutting down on the running costs of the event. It can be difficult to do away with single-use items, especially during a time when everyone is trying to be more conscious of minimizing the spread of germs.

However, there are other ways to make your sporting event more sustainable. By doing so, your reputation can see a positive impact, and the event may be able to draw in more sponsors. Partnering with knowledgeable professionals can take the pressure off of your team to find ways to be more eco-friendly in these relatively new circumstances.

How to be resilient
Resiliency is an invaluable characteristic.Organizers and event planners are extremely busy just before and during sporting events. Last-minute changes and unforeseen circumstances are common. We have to adapt and bounce back even when things don’t go as planned.

Part of being resilient is anticipating potential issues before they arise so that they can be dealt with seamlessly. This is why it is so important to work with a team that has plenty of past experience. They can draw from real-life situations and all that they have learned from historical events. These are all components that contribute to the adaptability of the event team and, therefore, the event itself.

Why Choose JTB
Organizing a world-class sporting event during a pandemic is not an easy task to take on alone. That is why you need an experienced partner to guide your event to success. We can take care of the logistics side of things, from Corporate Sports Hospitality and Sports Travel Logistics, so that you can focus on marketing and internal communication. For example, JTB is handling the corporate sports hospitality package for the World Athletics Oregon 22 to be held this July.

To learn more about how to get started with JTB and plan your next sporting event, whether that be in the midst of a pandemic or not, reach out to our team today.