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White Paper, Case Studies and More!


Here you can find links to our JTB USA white papers, case studies and other resources that will give you the details you need to make even better decisions for your next meeting or event.

Resources for Meeting & Event Professionals

You will find some great knowledge from our white papers, case studies, newsletter and much more.

White Papers

White Papers

JTB USA M&E white papers will give you that extra bit of knowledge to get ahead in the competitive meetings and events industry. Click the button below to download the white paper(s) of your choice or review from the list below before deciding which white papers refer to your business the most before downloading.

White Paper #1 – 14 Simple Tips to Succeed with Live Event Broadcasting

If you have yet to see great results from live event broadcasting then be sure to download this white paper on some great tips to help you succeed…

White Paper #2 – Measuring Event Success

A great guide to measure the success of your meetings and events from having a website or app that produces results to what should be done before, during and after the event…

White Paper #3 – Face-to-face Virtual Meetings

Both face-to-face meetings and the range of virtual events have their strengths and weaknesses depending on the length and goals of the event…

White Paper #4 – CMTM Corporate Meetings & Travel Management

Learn more about Corporate Meetings & Travel Management…

Case Studies

Case Studies

We are constantly adding more case studies so be sure to check back for some more great meeting and event knowledge that is useful for all meeting and event professionals and other event industry-related companies.

Case Study #1 – Working Together

In 2019 JTB was able to use our many talented staff around the globe to successfully support a nearly 1,000 person conference for a pharmaceutical company.

Case Study #2 – Virtual Event Pivot

By choosing the best virtual event technology solutions and pivoting at the right time for our many clients, we were able to offer an unique experience early on for attendees and event professionals.


Planner’s Guidebook

JTB USA M&E newsletter, Planner’s Guidebook, began in 2020 with relevant meeting and event industry trends, destination recommendations and more. Please keep in mind that depending on when you view the newsletter page, some promotions, deals and other details may no longer be relevant. Also, one to four are yet to be converted to view online; however, this site will be updated when the content is available.

Planner’s Guidebook #5 (July 2020)

We hope you are doing well and safely enjoying the summer.

This month’s newsletter includes further information on virtual events, including optional add-ons for your event, and an ongoing virtual Pilates class series with one of our partners. You will also find articles on our Global network and how to measure your event success in these uncertain times.

Lastly, we are very excited to announce that as of this month, we will be renaming our newsletter to “Planner’s Guidebook.”

Planner’s Guidebook #6 (Aug 2020)

As summer comes to an end, we hope you are excited about the fall!

This month’s newsletter includes an update on the status of upcoming events in three major U.S. cities, a comparison of in-person events versus virtual ones, and another featured travel destination.

Planner’s Guidebook #7 (Sep 2020)

Fall is here! We hope you are as excited about the cool weather and autumn foliage as we are.

This month’s newsletter includes an update on our standard safety practices, a look at a recent event by one of our sister companies, and our next featured travel destination.

Planner’s Guidebook #8 (Oct 2020)

Happy Halloween! Fall is well underway, and we have some very exciting updates.

This month’s newsletter includes a case study for JTB USA’s first virtual networking event, a sales promotion from one of our business clients, and our next featured travel destination.

Planner’s Guidebook #9 (Nov & Dec 2020)

Happy Holidays!

The holidays look quite different this year as social distancing remains important, but we hope you are able to connect with family and friends during this time, even if virtually. In order to help bring people together our M&E team developed a virtual holiday event package. While the date to secure these services has passed, you can find more about those offerings below for future use! Plus, we’re introducing a new webpage on entry and exit restrictions for nearly all countries to provide an easy way for you to stay on top of the latest updates. Finally, our featured destination for this month will have you reminiscing on warmer weather during the coming winter months.

This will be our final newsletter for this year, so we hope you all stay safe and well and enjoy the holidays. We’ll see you again in 2021!

Travel Insurance

JTB USA M&E Travel Insurance

More information is coming soon!

Client Events

Client Events

More information is coming soon.

M&E Blog Posts

See the M&E blog posts listed below

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Japan has hosted some major international events in recent years. 2019 saw the Rugby World Cup while 2021 brought the Olympics. Looking to 2025, Osaka will have the honor of hosting the World Expo, a major international event held every 5 years. Read on to learn about the Expo and what Osaka and the surrounding…

Discover Virtual Meetings: Learn How to Have a Successful Meeting

Virtual meetings are an ideal way of bringing people worldwide into one space and allowing for charts, graphs, videos, audio, text, and files to be shared instantly among participants. With potentially up to hundreds of participants involved, a successful virtual meeting can benefit everyone.

Break the Ice with Fun Icebreakers for Team Meetings

Meeting and getting to know people can be a daunting experience for many of us. While some have the skills to navigate social encounters, others need a little assistance. If you are in charge of a group of people who might be unfamiliar with each other at a team meeting, then icebreakers are a great…