INAKAYA Soba Restaurant in Real Inaka House, Hotaka machi in Nagano

INAKAYA Soba Restaurant is located just 5 minutes walk from Hotaka Station.
Hotaka Station is about 30 minutes train ride  from Matsumoto City by Oito lines.


INAKAYA is in original Japanese Old House set up,  we will see many like this around Azumino area.


Enter from sliding shoji door which is very low, so please be careful not hitting your head.
But it is very open inside, ceiling is 3 stories high.


Special menu at INAKAYA is “San shoku Soba”  assortment of 3 kinds of soba,
Oroshi soba(Grated Japanese Raddish), Nameko soba(Nameko Mushroom),
and Tororo soba(white sticky grated root of yam potato).


There are many soba restaurants in Nagano and you can enjoy
hand made soba  noodle in most of  them.


Hotaka is also famous for it’s  “Daio Wasabi Farm” founded in 1915
and is recognized as the largest such farm in Japan.

5986-2 Hotaka, Azumino-shi
Nagano-ken  399-8303


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