TAKACHIHO Miyazaki where is regarded as the place where Japanese history started 「高千穂」

Takachiho, Miyazaki, You may never heard of this name before. But Takachio, on the southern island of Kyushu, is regarded as the place where Japanese history started. According to Japanese myth, Japanese gods and goddess of Shinto pantheon landed when they came to Japan more than 2600 years ago.
The spiritual atomoshere in Takachiho sacred Shinto Shrine.

I would like to introduce Takashicho Yokagura—- All night ceremony performed by local village people. This sacred ceremony, which were handed down by generation to generation, is held all night through from Nov. to Feb. in around 20 villages in villages Takachiho.

The performance tells the story of “the birth of Japan”. All actors are from the village. The ceremony consisting of 33 stories. It starts from evening and lasts until the next morning There are several break in between the stories, and hungry visitors are treated to local specialities.

People from outside as well as from the village come and bring some gifts of sake and local foods and enjoy this sacred ceremony with relaxed mood.