Tenryuji(天龍寺) is the most important and must see temple in Kyoto’s most visited place for fall foliage Arashiyama district.


Arashiyama district is the most popular place to visit during fall foliage season.

It takes only 30 minutes by train or driving from downtown of Kyoto, but taxi driver told me it took

good 3 hours to get there in peak season, it is that popular!


Tenryu-ji is the most important temple in Arashiyama district, best known for

its zen garden. It is registered as UNESCO World heritage in 1994.


It is the head temple of the Tenryu branch of Rinzai Zen Buddhism.

Tenryu-ji was built by Shogun Ashikaga Takauji in 1339 to dedicate to Emperor Go-Daigo.


Temple’s building were repeatedly rebuilt due to destruction by fire,

but it’s zen garden survived in its original form from 4th century.


Zen garden viewed from different angle, it is awesome view.

Garden was created by famous designer Muso Soseki who also served as first head priest.


Kyoto’s Autumn foliage will be in the peak around 3rd week of November.

There are many tours going to Arashiyama available, it’s much

easier to get around especially during peak foliage season.


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