Top 10 Qualities and Skills the Best Event Planners Have

In spite of the meeting and event industry’s pandemic-induced slump, demand for qualified planning professionals is on the rise. It’s projected that the field will expand by 18% in the next decade, meaning more than 22,000 new jobs will be added to the profession.

Whether you’re partnering with an experienced professional or a newly minted event planner, it’s essential to ensure they have what it takes to help turn your ideas into streamlined, successful business meetings, events and travel arrangements.

Throughout your search for the best-equipped event professionals, here’s who you should be looking for:

1. Detail-oriented people
Planning and executing events requires significant attention to detail. Great event planners possess the ability to think ahead and establish backup plans to accommodate various possibilities. While coordinating big-picture logistics, detail-oriented professionals are sure to get all the finer points just right — because they know that even the smallest touches can make a big difference.

2. Organized planners
From dozens of vendors and venues to complex budgets and conflicting stakeholder input. There’s a lot to juggle when bringing an events calendar to life. The most successful coordinators are enthusiastic about staying organized and on top of all the meeting and event logistics.

3. Adept administrators
In addition to being great organizers, event planners need to be savvy administrators. There are always a lot of records and paperwork to keep track of, including speaker agreements, contracts, insurance policies, registrations and more. Experienced professionals can keep track of all these moving parts and make sure their records are easy for others to access and understand as needed.

4. Budgeting experts
Event hosts rely on planning professionals to use their budgets wisely. Meeting and event planners should be good at contract negotiations to ensure they’re getting the best value for money. They should possess strong financial management skills and always make deposits and payments on time. Event planners may also participate in strategic conversations around admissions fees, sponsorship revenue and other financial considerations.

5. Creative thinkers
Although the event profession requires a lot of logical thinking and organization, it’s also a highly creative field. The best planners are able to come up with and carry out impressive event themes and design details. They can also think outside the box when choosing speakers, venues, catering options and engaging activities.

6. Savvy problem-solvers
Every great event organizer knows the show must go on, even when things don’t work out as planned. At unexpected turns, skilled professionals need to think and act quickly to ensure the meeting or event runs smoothly. They should be able to solve complex problems on the spot while providing guests as seamless an experience as possible.

7. Great communicators
Event professionals interface with numerous vendors, clients, guests, agencies and other stakeholders throughout the planning process. It’s critical that they possess strong written and verbal communication skills. This is important not only in executing events successfully but also in building lasting relationships with important partners.

8. Client service pros
Although event professionals are known as planners, they’re really in the business of ensuring client satisfaction. It’s their responsibility to listen to what the client or event host wants and then make that vision a reality, providing the greatest possible experience for everyone involved.

9. Successful leaders
Meetings and events can be large, complex undertakings, and even the most experienced event coordinators don’t work alone. Great professionals are able to oversee a team and make sure everyone feels prepared to carry out their responsibilities. Leadership skills are important whether they’re delegating tasks to a photographer and a social media manager for an intimate event, or they’re leading a team of hundreds of staff members and volunteers for a large gala or expo.

10. Tech mavens
In-person, virtual and hybrid events require a significant amount of event technology. Skilled professionals can demonstrate a mastery of A/V systems and equipment for lighting, microphones, speakers and videography. Moreover, they should be comfortable using other tools and technologies like online registration portals, event apps and more.

Searching for event planners that tick all the boxes?
It’s not always easy to find an event professional who brings all the right skills and qualities to the table. If you’re ready to eliminate all the hassle and kickstart the event planning process, we recommend working with an event partner who can pair you up with vetted and experienced professionals.

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