KUSHIMANMA Restaurant in KYOTO, the Best Restaurant to Dine with Your Family and Friends

A restaurant named “Kushimanma” is located in Kyoto’s residential area and looks like a traditional house. There is a cozy Japanese garden in front of it.

It is famous for the high quality of binchotan charcoal to boil kushiyaki. Kushiyaki is a famous Japanese food, which is fish, meat, shellfish, or vegetables grilled on skewers.Also binchotan is Japanese traditional charcoal made from ubame oak. If we use it, we can burn food without smoke. That’s why it is the best charcoal to cook unagi (means a fresh water eel) or yakitori.

You can also cook various dried fishes at your table. While they are getting ready to be eaten, that is best time to drink.Surprisingly these foods highly go with sake.

There are more than 10 kinds of Kushiyaki and various fresh vegetables.

Also you can enjoy special aged Tare, which means Yakitori sauce.

The restaurant has more attractive points. One of them is its rice, which is named “Ginshari”.

It is only steamed Koshihikari rice. However, they will cook the rice with a traditional Okama (iron pod) with Hanebuta (wooden lid) one by one.After ordering it, they will cook it for you. So you need to wait at least for 20 minutes. The rise is ,however, worth eating.

They offer two kinds of dinner menu, which are from 3000 yen and include 3 kinds of Kushiyaki. You need to order at least 4 but it is good deal.

The restaurant is located in the center of Kyoto. However, you can feel like being at a dining in country side. That’s because the place was originally Japanese famous painter Mr Gyokosen Mochizuki’s house.It has been built for more than 100 years.



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