“M-Gate” a little Jazz Cafe with great audio and huge Jazz Vinyl collection in Matsukawa



There used to be many Jazz Cafes in 70’s ~ 80’s in Japan with huge Jazz vinyl collection.
Japanese is such a enthusiastic about Jazz and there are many serious vinyl collectors.
They are usually serious audio lover too.

M-Gate is such Jazz Cafe located in small town called Matsukawa-mura in Nagano.


M-gate is located within walking distance from Matsukawa Station.
It takes about 45 minutes from Matsumoto by Oito Line.

Mr. Ikehara retired from Nagano   prefectural goverment office and opened
M-gate with his huge private vinyl collection.

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Space station like turn table  looks very heavy and expensive.
Tone arm is very long and I am sure there is very expensive cartridges attached.


There are JBL pair of speakers and power amplifiers.
Speakers alone cost more than $60k in Japan.
It worth visiting M-gate if  you are Jazz fan and it will be pleasant
to chat with owner about favorite Jazz vinyl or his audio system.
Forgot to mention, there are great view of Japan Alps from M-Gate windows.

85-28, Matsukawa mura,
Kitaazumi gun, Nagano ken, Japan

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