Ready to start planning your next destination experience?

As we move into 2023, it’s time to get back out there and experience the world as it was meant to— through travel and exploration. Many corporations are beginning to book trips and excursions with meetings and events to make up for the lost time. The destination you choose for your next business meetings and events can determine its success. Here are some of the best travel planning and destination tips to help you get started.

Preparing for a destination experience
Getting ready to set off on a destination experience requires several weeks of planning to ensure that everything goes the way that you want. Here are some of the most important ways to prepare for your next destination experience.

Meeting Objectives
When considering destinations for your next meetings or events, the options can seem overwhelming. In order to help with the decision-making, taking a look at your goals and meeting and event objectives may help make your choice clearer. In addition, the basic questions to determine what destinations to consider are “What is your budget?” and ”How many people will be attending?”. These are also key questions when considering if a destination has lodging, venues and activities that fit the numbers and achieve meeting objectives.

Vaccine Requirements and Travel Restrictions
This year, there is more preparation than usual, especially if you are wanting to travel abroad. There are different vaccine and travel restrictions that must be followed depending on the location that you are interested in going to. But how do you know what the requirements are and prepare correctly? You can find all the COVID-19-related travel information from

International Travel vs Local Destinations
Your preparations should change depending on whether you are traveling abroad or staying in the states. Aside from the previously mentioned travel restrictions, there are different requirements for each. In the case that you are going to an international destination, you will need to contact your cellular service company to make arrangements. Depending on the length of stay, consider having someone check in on your house every other day to ensure that all is well.

Picking a Destination
A huge part of planning your destination experience is choosing the perfect place to go. There are many different components to consider when picking your location. Let’s take a look at some of the most important things to think about:

  • Climate: What kind of weather would you like to spend time in? A more tropical climate, a romantic snowy landscape, or a gorgeous desert area? This can help pinpoint a great destination that will fulfill your dreams.
  • Distance: Ask yourself how far away you want to travel from your home. Are you interested in going to a remote far away location with an exotic experience attached? On the other hand, you might want to go somewhere closer with less travel, but no less amazing destination.
  • Length of Stay: How long do you want to plan your vacation? This can help the planning process and provide a structure for which you create your destination experience.
  • Cultural Experience: With so many destinations to choose from, it could help you narrow down your choice by picking a location that has a culture that you are interested in. This can help enrich your time away and create a more memorable experience in the long run.
  • Innovative Destination Solutions: Planning a destination meeting may be the ideal solution. Here are some of the best destinations that we can recommend as experts in the industry.
  • Hawaii: A tropical island paradise, where soft sandy beaches and sprawling lush jungles merge with emerald-blue water, and days are surrendered to relaxing nights beneath swaying palm trees.
  • California: Idealized the world over, California is a worldly paradise of sun, sand, cities, and adventure. Vast and varied, the ‘Golden State’ has an unyielding hold on the world’s imagination, able to provoke a sense of magic and childlike wonder thanks to Hollywood and Disneyland.
  • Las Vegas: An oasis of indulgence and dazzle hidden in the Mojave desert. Shimmering with promise — the glitz, glamor, and gaming are hypnotic.
  • Arizona: Arizona is the epicenter of southwestern warmth and spectacles with a unique historical depth.
  • New Orleans: New Orleans is the most unique place in the USA, arguably the world. It’s an enchanting melting pot of French, Spanish, and West African culture that looks, smells, sounds, and feels like nowhere else.
  • Florida: Known primarily for its sun-kissed tourists and a certain loveable mouse, Florida is also a vibrant and complex state filled with diverse cultures and scenery.

Partner with the Best
Planning a destination travel experience can seem daunting at first, from booking venues transportation to finding reliable and memorable things to do. Need a helping hand? JTB USA has local experts and can also be in the form of destination management companies that can help plan meetings or events. To get started, reach out today!