How to Promote your Brand through Meetings and Conferences

Businesses in any industry can benefit from the exposure and increased brand awareness that come from hosting meetings and events. In-person, virtual and hybrid events can help potential customers learn more about the unique value offered by your business. Plus, customers can benefit from the networking opportunities that only come from industry events.

By working with an experienced event management company, you can plan and host an event that helps you reach your business goals. The right partner can ensure that your event meets and surpasses stakeholder expectations while offering the reporting you need to measure your success.

So, how do you enhance your brand through an in-person or hybrid event? First, you need to consider your objectives, and then source the venue and suppliers necessary to make those goals happen.

What are the goals of your conference or meeting?

Whether you’re planning a board meeting, a shareholder meeting or a conference with a wider audience, you need to have strong, actionable objectives. These goals can be tied to monetary outcomes or less tangible results. To narrow down your list of primary objectives, ask yourself these questions:

  • What do we hope to inspire in event attendees?
    If you’re hosting a meeting for stakeholders, you may want to inspire confidence in your company’s future. If you’re hosting a consumer event, you may want to inspire attendees with a message that aligns with their values.
  • What takeaways should attendees understand?
    If you’re struggling to find the focus of your event, ask yourself what is the most important piece of information that every attendee should understand by the end of your event. This could be related to a product or service, or it might align with a broader aspect of your brand identity.
  • Are our sales goals tied to the event?
    If the main goal of your event is to make sales or generate leads, you need to set realistic expectations. Conduct research ahead of time to focus your sales pitch. For example, you could send out a survey to ask attendees about their greatest challenges and current needs.
  • How can we extend our message beyond the event itself?
    In today’s marketing landscape, you need to consider how your message will be perceived by people who don’t attend the event itself. Prepare a social media strategy ahead of time so you can increase your reach and speak to customers online.

What should be included in an engaging conference?

An engaging conference is more than the sum of its parts. That means that when everything comes together, your event makes an impact that can be felt beyond the venue walls. In today’s hyper-connected world this is easier than ever — but you need a strategy in place to ensure that everyone receives your intended message.

When putting together a conference, pay special attention to these building blocks:

  • Speakers:
    Your event speakers should represent your business or relate to your event goals in some way. If you want to invite a big name, you’ll need to plan the schedule well in advance. Make sure your speakers understand your brand and what you’re trying to achieve.
  • Virtual activities:
    A hybrid or purely virtual event needs to have activities that people can participate in from a computer or mobile device. Consider team-based activities that involve breakout groups, as these allow attendees to network and make stronger connections.
  • Contests:
    Giveaways, raffles and fun competitions can provide a break from the event’s main activities and give attendees a chance to have some fun. You can offer branded prizes or offer rewards related to your event’s main objectives.

How can you ensure that your conference is designed to the highest standards?

Whether or not your brand has experience hosting events, it is in your best interest to work with an event management company that understands corporate meetings and conferences. With the help of a dedicated partner, you can ensure that your event is branded properly and designed to meet the highest expectations.

Unlike many suppliers, JTB combines human and technological resources to bring superior care to your stakeholders. Our experienced program managers plan and execute with a level of care lacking in purely tech-based solutions. With JTB’s tools and technologies, you can provide a unique, branded experience that engages in-person and virtual attendees.

Measure the event’s return on investment

Corporate events can generate tremendous revenue for your company — but you need a way to measure your return on investment (ROI). Your ROI may not always have a direct dollar amount. Value can be measured in terms of:
  • Increased web traffic.
  • Increased media coverage.
  • Lead generation.
  • Number of demos given.
  • Improved audience engagement.
To learn more about how to track event ROI, reach out to the experts at JTB.